Rohit Mistry
Cho Minsu

Rohit Mistry

Rohit started practising Yoga in early 2004 after a recommendation from a friend and just after 6 months of practice, he began building more muscle tone, increasing his flexibility, and experiencing clearer skin. As his practice progressed over the years, Rohit also experienced mental benefits such as an increase in self-esteem. He also developed the ability to better deal with the stress of his corporate job and other aspects of his life.

In mid-2006, Rohit was diagnosed with Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which required him to undergo six rounds of chemotherapy. The first round left him feeling lethargic and nauseous, so Rohit decided to get back
into the hot room after consulting his teachers and doctors, and continued his practice every day in between his treatments. Keeping up his Yoga practice helped Rohit remain in control, and gradually, the side effects from his treatments were kept at bay, helping him regain his energy.

As soon as Rohit was in remission in January 2007, he decided to become a Bikram Yoga teacher. He resigned from his corporate job, bought himself a round-the-world ticket and attended his training in Hawaii in April 2007. Since then, he has been teaching full time across various countries such as New Zealand, England and now in Singapore. Rohit likens each Bikram Yoga class to life. Stop thinking, just do it.


Before discovering Yoga, Marcus was a member of the Hong Kong National Rowing Squad, representing Hong Kong in numerous International rowing regattas in the 90’s. His passion in sports, despite retiring from the squad, speared him to continue participating in rowing, swimming, marathons and triathlon events. During this time, his friend also introduced him to different styles of yoga including Vinyasa and Ashtanga.

His interest in yoga started growing and eventually led him to attend his first Hot Yoga class in 2006.

Marcus believes that a 90-minute Hot Yoga session, with its 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, is akin to a
self-discovery exercise. While overcoming the challenge of doing each posture, Marcus finds that he enjoys the flow, vitality and calmness experienced during and after every yoga class. Yoga practice has improved his flexibility and balance, as well as relieving his lower back pain, sciatica and knee pain.

After graduating from Bikram Teacher Training Program in 2007, Marcus started teaching Yoga in Kuala Lumpur. He has also taught Bikram Hot Yoga in South Korea, before coming to teach in Singapore. Marcus sees teaching yoga as an extension of his own practice. He feels blessed to be able to share his yoga journey with his students and witness the improvements being made through their dedication and patience.

Cho Minsu

Hailing from South Korea, Cho Minsu graduated with a Masters degree and worked in the marketing department of an engineering company. Due to a combination of long working hours and bad sitting posture, he suffered from chronic neck and back aches. This was further aggravated from an old back injury sustained while serving in the army. The pain plagued him for six long years despite numerous therapy and acupuncture treatments.

In 2010, while in Singapore, Minsu attended his first Healing Yoga class, after much encouragement by his sister, a regular yoga practitioner. After a week of daily classes, he was amazed at the pain relieving effects that yoga had for his prolonged neck and back aches. Since then, he continued to practise Yoga, even after he went back to South Korea.

In 2012, Minsu made a significant decision to become a Yoga instructor, leaving behind his lucrative marketing career to be trained as a Bikram Hot Yoga instructor in Los Angeles. The nine-week course further convinced him that Hot Yoga is able to help individuals achieve both a healthy lifestyle and overall fitness. Since then, Minus has taught in Los Angeles (USA), Beijing (China) and Singapore.

Minsu enjoys teaching Hot Yoga as he is able to help individuals achieve a healthier lifestyle and in turn enable them to heal their own physical ailments. He believes there is much to learn in the Yoga practice, hence, he constantly reflects on his practice and teaching, and seeks to conscientiously improve himself.

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