Tripsichore Yoga with Edward Clark

18 Jun 2010 - 20 Jun 2010
Pacific Plaza


This series of Workshops is dedicated to strategies for improving your yoga practice – to understanding how to be your own teacher and how to get more out of your regular classes.  Each workshop will include a section on Pranayama and Philosophy – not as separate subjects, but as material that is integral to making your practice grow. 

What does it take to move your practice forward?  How do you start working on and refining challenging material?  Usual answers would consider looking at postures that you find challenging and this could be material that you are already good at as well as that which you find difficult.  Both can deepen a practice.  A deeper practice isn’t just about harder postures though.  Rather, it is also the quality with which you perform them.

18 June (Friday) 7pm – 9pm
DEVOTION AND DISCIPLINE – How the intention of the yogi clarifies concentration in vinyasa and asana
One of the core ideas of yoga practice is the development of concentration towards a singularity (eka grata).  This workshop looks at how, in a physical practice, one endeavours to dedicate the entirety of one’s being to a single thing.  In so doing, the subjects of dharma, dharana, and dhyana will be examined and practised within the context of asana and vinyasa practice.  

19 June (Sat) 10am – 12pm
THE INTERMEDIATE SUN SALUTES – The next level of fluid challenges
Tripsichore’s Intermediate Sun Salutes are devised to explore ingenious ways of performing handstands, headstands and unusual backbends through the use of vinyasa movement and ujjayi breath.  Through the cultivation of evenness of breath coupled with evenness of movement, these Sun Salutes seek to bring evenness of mind while executing challenging sequences of postures.

19 June (Sat) 2pm – 4pm
MOVING WITH UJJAYI BREATH AND MOVING FROM THE MULA – What is the most you can do with the least effort?
Pranayama is energy manipulation played out through the postures.  This workshop explores the idea that it is possible to raise an energy known variously as kundalini, shakti or prana through the specific use of ujjayi pranayama in vinyasa movement.

20 June (Sun) 10am – 12pm
There are postures we love to do and others we are not so fond of – some come to one with apparent ease and others are approached with a degree of dread.  Yoga philosophy encourages, through action, the appreciation and awareness of the “present moment” without attachment to the outcome.  Fear and other obstacles tend to be based on projections into the future or past.  To overcome these tendencies, one identifies the fear or obstacle and strategises to confront them.

20 June (Sun) 2pm – 4pm
BACK BENDS DON’T HURT – Finding ease in the extreme
One of the glories of physical practice is the grace of the backbend.  But, the extremity of this movement is not regularly encountered in daily life.  To execute these movements safely is a matter of technical exactitude which should be practised by those who find it easy to do and by those for whom is a daunting prospect.  This is a workshop that will look at how to achieve extreme back bending in a safe way.

About Edward

Edward Clark has been Artistic Director of Tripsichore since 1979, writing and producing yoga based work, which he and his company have performed all over the world. 

He began studying yoga in 1979 and noteworthy among his teachers are Narayani and Giris Rabinovitch, but he confesses huge admiration for the Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sivananda, Iyengar and Viniyoga practices.

He fuses his keen artistic vision with a deep understanding of the essential pursuits of yoga practice and in combining these, his teachings synthesises the use of breath, asana, choreography and philosophy, into a demanding, entertaining and exhilarating amalgam.

Based in London, England, Tripsichore Yoga Theatre has become one of the most extraordinary innovations to emerge from the yoga discipline.  This contemplative style of movement theatre is a sensual exploration of spirituality that unites the mind and body. The breath guides the body through a safe, fluid flow of postures that creates stunningly spectacular visual poetry.

In addition to constant touring, teaching and performing globally, in 2006, he released a 2 DVD set devoted to explaining the practice and with a record of some of the Tripsichore repertoire and in 2007, he co-released a double comedy CD called Kill The Guru.

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