Yoga Therapeutics A Clinical Workshop

08 Apr 2011
Pacific Plaza


Ninety percent of structural pain can be sourced in how people walk. And since walking is the most common movement, when we change it, we change everything we do – including our practice of asana!

In this fun, groundbreaking workshop, the simplest most basic movement: how we walk, will become the foundation of every move we make and every asana we do! Students will be introduced to the concepts of using walking as a means of seeing bodies. They will learn to look through the perspective of posture, walking and asana to identify weaknesses and inflexibilities that contribute to imbalances in one’s normal movement pattern. They will learn to understand how their body functions, so that they understand why they struggle with specific poses.

The workshop is taught in 3 stages:

1. Explore Tadasana as a predictor of one’s walking style See how Tadasana can reveal probable resultant structural vulnerabilities that will affect one’s asana practice. See how the habits in our walk are the same in our yoga practice (eg. inward-turning shoulders will remain as such whether we are walking, in downward facing dog or putting our dishes away!)

2. See compensatory patterns in our bodies We will see how these patterns become real “crookedness” in our walking, and the same will show up in our yoga. (eg. a forward-looking shoulder because of the inward rotation of shoulders)

3. Create remedies
These will consist of simple shifts/corrections designed to literally remodel ‘the walk’ (eg. turning palms forward, or unlocking knees in walking). We will also use asanas to help grasp and groove the re-balancing that we have chosen with walking analysis.

About Sherry

Sherry Brourman is inspired and impassioned by yoga. She is the director of Sherry Brourman Physical Therapy, The Tensegrity Yoga Therapy Center and The Tensegrity Yoga Therapy Internship Program. She began her work as a movement educator as a child, working at a school for handicapped children from 12-17 years old. Now, a practicing physical therapist for thirty-seven years, she has focused on the softness of movement, and it’s healing effects, for all of these years.

The movement that Sherry had studied most deeply was walking, inspiring her book, Walk Yourself Well, (Hyperion 1998) which defines how to remodel simple pieces of walking to balance and heal the structural body. Her book has been translated to five languages. In the last decade, as a yoga therapist and teacher, Sherry has explored ways that yoga and physical therapy collaborate, now working much more deeply in the field of yoga therapeutics. Using her understanding of walking as the frame, Sherry has developed the system now used in her school, internship program and taught throughout all of her courses, Interbody message System Yoga™ which intertwines body, mind and spirit. Sherry believes that the musculoskeletal system is an enlightening road in to the interplay between all of the layers of our being. She also believes that we can experience yoga as the ability to meet ourselves exactly where we are.

Sherry teaches Functional Anatomy for The Loyola Marymount Yoga Therapy Certification Program, anatomy portions of teacher trainings, and Using Yoga Therapeutically for medical professionals.

Sherry also continues her private practice, gait and physical therapy, has gait and yoga therapy mentorship programs currently underway, teaches yoga therapeutics and several workshops at Exhale in Venice, CA. and at her yoga therapy clinic, and she teaches physical therapy, gait therapy and yoga therapy seminars nationally and internationally.

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