Radiantly Alive Yoga

18 Aug 2012 - 19 Aug 2012
Ocean Financial Centre


Daniel Aaron, founder of www.RadiantlyAlive.com, author, teacher and human potential coach, directs the Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio and Teacher Training in Bali. He shares his passion for yoga, and how to use it as a potent tool to evoke our highest potential for health and happiness, guiding students to accept themselves fully and challenge their limitations. Mixing a diverse yogic education with dozens of modern masters (Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Iyengar, etc), his own experience of ‘the teachings,’ creativity and spontaneity, Daniel creates classes that are eclectic, fun and inspiring. For information about him, the teacher training, the Ubud studio, workshops and retreats in Bali and around the world, please see RadiantlyAlive.com.


Workshop 1

18 August (Sat), 10am – 12pm
Flow For Life

Martin Seligman, author of Authentic Happiness, tells us that deep satisfaction in life comes when we enter the flow state – the state where time disappears and we are completely immersed in something rewarding and engaging. Through challenging vinyasa and sequencing that amplifies both strength and concentration, we sweat our way into an expanded capability to achieve flow state in our practice and our lives.

Workshop 2

18 August (Sat), 2pm – 4pm
Hip Openers

It's the part of the body that allows us to sit comfortably - on the ground and in our lives. It's the idea of being contemporary, in fashion. When we can sit with ourselves in the present moment, we are in tune with contemporary currents. Through opening our hips, we create ease in our relationship with the earth and all beings, an opening that allows us to move forward to advanced asana with grace and joy.

Workshop 3

19 August (Sun), 10am – 12pm
Arm Balances

Standing on our own two hands -- a matter of heart, intention, balance and belief -- we strengthen our convictions and teach ourselves that anything is possible. Through use of breath and bandha, and with precise opening and preparation, and by remembering our true capacity, we use arm balances to lift the body to grace and reach into our potential.

Workshop 3

19 August (Sun), 2pm – 4pm

Perhaps the greatest of yogic challenges into courage, backbends provide the ideal platform to boldly face the unknown and strengthen our commitment to joyfully overcoming all obstacles in our lives - on and off the mat. Specific focus on breath and bandha allow us to go deep while creating great safety and joy in the backbends.

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