Active Birthing Yoga Workshop with Jane Tan and Sabine Hauser

07 Sep 2014


Having a baby is one of life’s most momentous events. In the lead up to the birth of their child, many parents-to-be feel anxious about the labour and delivery process and are unsure about what to expect.
True Yoga Pre-Natal Instructors Jane and Sabine put together an exclusive Active Birthing Yoga Workshop to educate women & their partners on birth physiology & the principles of active birth.

12 couples enjoyed a fun-filled and informative Sunday afternoon at True Yoga Pacific Plaza and learnt how to achieve a balance between nature and the benefits of science.

First up was a short ice-breaker session, where attendees introduced themselves and got to know each other better. Besides the usual name and occupation introduction, couples were encouraged to share how far along they were into the pregnancy and their expectations of the birth and delivery.


Jane then opened the session by explaining what Active Birthing is and how women can be empowered to have a normal delivery and make informed choices during her labour. Participants also got a clearer picture of the anatomy of the female pelvis and also learnt more about various positions their baby could be in and how using various positions could help with the labour process.

Since all 12 couples were first-time parents, Jane and Sabine also discussed the different stages of labour, what to expect and how to respond at each stage. The mothers-to-be also learnt the importance of responding positively to their body’s urges using a variety of positions, movement & breathing. Tips were also given on how to use one’s body as a tool for relaxation & pain relief in labour to make the process as easy & safe as possible.

The Daddies-to-be also picked up valuable tips and hands-on techniques on how to support their other halves during labour with methods such as massage.

The couples then had some fun with group activities and games, designed to help them discover more about their own views on active birthing and their individual parenting methods.

The workshop came to a close with a Pre-Natal Partner Yoga session, where couples got a chance to bond with their partners in a supportive, physical and fun-filled practice.

It was indeed a fun and fruitful afternoon for these excited soon-to-be parents! Here’s wishing them a wonderful parenting journey ahead!

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