25 Oct 2014


It was indeed a magical evening of yoga and discovery at SOULSCAPE, Singapore’s iconic yoga and fitness festival. Over 1,000 yoga and healthy-living enthusiasts connected for an evening of yoga, music and dance put together by intheLoop – Singapore’s first yoga, health, fitness and wellness online platform.

The day started in the late afternoon on the sandy shores of Sentosa’s Tanjong Beach. Participants enjoyed a fun array of activities including SUP Yoga, Hula Hooping, Acro Yoga and Surf Set, among many others.

As the sun dipped, the crowd gathered for a Sunset yoga session by True Yoga Instructor Guat, who took participants through a gentle yet rejuvenating session. A prelude to the main Yoga Rave session, Guat’s sequence flowed naturally from one asana to the next, allowing the breath to connect with the movement of the body. Set against a backdrop of the sun setting over the sea and the sound of waves and chill-out beats, it was indeed a treat for the senses.

In between yoga sessions, participants went trigger happy with selfies and fun yoga shots on the sand, while the holistic lifestyle and wellness market was abuzz with people discovering natural juices and snacks, alternative remedies and of course the usual shopping for trendy yoga wear and accessories.

Participants returned to their mats once more for a dynamic Yoga Rave session by True Yoga Instructor Jade. An invigorating and powerful sequence of meditation, Vinyasa movements to high-energy music, this session had participants in a series of challenging flow and arm balance postures. Illuminated only by the glow of fire torches and glow sticks, the night sky provided a magical atmosphere for this energy-filled session.

Just as everyone got into what they thought would be their last posture for the evening, Kundalini-inspired teacher Rebecca Pflaum took over with her signature eclectic moves and got everyone on their feet dancing!

SOULSCAPE was a phenomenal evening of fun, movement and music and proved to be a fantastic way to meet and connect with people who want to experience living holistically and consciously. Till the next one!


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