Happiness In Your Hands

07 May 2015


Over 30 True members and their friends joined the SoulCentre team at True Yoga Pacific Plaza on 7 May 2015 to discover how to be happier. Vikas Malkani, best-selling author, expert on happiness and highly respected life-guide, shared practical yet powerful tips on how to be happy always.


Vikas, who is also the founder of SoulCentre - Asia’s Premier Personal Development Centre, covered 5 essential secrets on how to create your own happiness every day:

1) You do not know what the day will bring , however you can decide what YOU will bring to the day

2) What in life are you truly grateful about? Remember these things each and every morning

3) What do you focus on in life - the good parts or the bad parts of your day?

4) Be NICE - it pays!

5) Everything in your life is a reflection of you. If you want things to change then the change must come from you first.

6) Life is what we make it to be. Do not wait for it to happen - create it!

If these tips sound good to you, visit www.soulcentre.org to find out more on how you can connect with Vikas.

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