Active Birthing Yoga Workshop with Jane Tan and Sabine Hauser

12 Apr 2015


Having a baby marks the beginning of a brand new journey for the parents-to-be. While it is incredibly exciting, it may also be quite daunting for some people, especially first-time parents who are uncertain of what to expect. Birth can be challenging and sometimes unpredictable, but being well-informed will transfer your worry into wisdom, fear into courage and doubt into confidence.

7 couples got together on a Sunday afternoon at True Yoga Pacific Plaza to attend the informative and fun-filled Active Birthing Yoga Workshop exclusively put together by True Yoga Pre-Natal Instructors Jane and Sabine.

The workshop began with an ice-breaker session, which allowed participants to get to know each other better by introducing themselves, stage of pregnancy and birth expectations. Jane then explained what Active Birthing is all about, how women are empowered to a natural birth and can make informed choices during her labour.

Jane and Sabine’s philosophy is that women’s body instinctively knows how to give birth and the baby knows and chooses how to be born. They then shared the anatomy of a woman’s pelvis and Optimal Foetal Positioning to help the couples visualise their baby’s position better. Jane and Sabine also touched on how women’s natural hormones can help relax the body during intense contractions and minimise pain without reliance on drugs.

The workshop progressed to look at the stages of labour where the participants got to learn and practise relaxation and breathing techniques, as well as positions and movements for smoother labouring.

The couples also participated in group work activities and games to help them discover more about their own expectations of birthing as well as educating them on the possible medical interventions available.

The couples then got to try out a Pre-Natal Partner Yoga session. Yoga is a wonderful compliment to birthing because the essence of giving birth is relaxation, and through yoga, the Mummies-to-be learnt how to cultivate conscious relaxation. The Yoga session also provided a chance for the couples to bond through a fun and supportive way.

Towards the end of the workshop, partners were also taught massage techniques on how to assist labour, relieve pain and help their other halves feel more comfortable.

What a great way for the couples to have a special time focused on their new baby and to meet other expectant parents and even make some new friends. Here’s wishing the Mummies-to-be a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery, and of course a wonderful parenting journey ahead for everyone!

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