Facilities FAQ

1. How many Yoga centres does True Yoga currently have in Singapore?
The True Group is one of Asia’s largest fitness and wellness groups which mainly consist of businesses in Fitness and Yoga. As a leader in the yoga and wellness industry, True Yoga has always been keeping abreast with the trends in the fitness industry and is always constantly developing new and exciting fitness and yoga classes.

True Yoga is located in Pacific Plaza at Scotts Road, with over 13,000 sq ft of space. The centre has 2 Hot Yoga Studios, 1 Yoga Studio, 1 Pilates Reformer Studio and 2 Personal Training Studios.

With an inviting and nurturing environment that allows one to harness the full benefits of Yoga, True Yoga aims to promote Yoga as a healthy lifestyle that is accessible to all who hope to attain a better physical and mental well-being.
2. Is there Hot Yoga available in True Yoga?
Hot Yoga is available in both True Yoga centres. Designed to systematically cleanse every part of the body, a series of yoga poses and breathing exercise are done in a heated room at 37 degrees. The heated room promotes sweating which helps rid toxins from the body while loosening and stretching the muscles to prevent injuries. Hot Yoga improves circulation, increases metabolism, regulates digestion, strengthens the immune system and burns fat.
3. Where are True Yoga Instructors from?
True Yoga is committed to providing the best training in yoga with highly accomplished Yogis to promote the art of yoga as a form of exercise. Our yoga masters come from India with extensive experience in the various styles of yoga.
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