1. Does Yoga help golfers in their game, and if so how does Yoga help golfers?

As golf is a physically and mentally demanding game, Yoga will help immensely in these two aspects.

On a physical level:
  • Improves ones flexibility to improve swing and drive the ball further
  • Builds muscle control and improves balance – for fluid weight transfer and better accuracy with lesser strain on the body
  • Helps to maintain balance, strength and stability in the body – Golfers swing in one direction which leads to overtraining and repetitive motion on one side of the body and muscles become tight and might restrict golfers from reaching full potential.
  • Improves coordination – both with motor functions and also the mind. A lot of factors to consider in golf from physical to mental (club face, direction, wind direction, hyper extension, distance)
On a mental level:
  • Breathing techniques helps with the tempo and rhythm of golf swing
  • Correct breathing calms one down during a stressful game as it calms the body down and relaxes the muscles
  • Improves concentration and clears the mind
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