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Health Promotion Board’s Travel Free Scheme
Channel 8 – Frontline (前线追踪), JUNE 2013

With the recent launch of the HPB’s Travel Free Scheme, more Singaporeans are taking advantage of the free travel fares to come in early to the gyms to exercise. With a morning fitness regime, it is easier for an individual to stay consistent and committed to the workouts. This is because social appointments or fatigue from a long day often lead to skipped evening workouts, which can now be avoided. Morning exercises reduce the risk of something cropping up in the day that will replace exercise out of your schedule; assuring exercise does not have a chance of taking a backseat when schedules get hectic.

Yoga for Women
Natura Magazine, APRIL 2012


The physical aspect of yoga alone already carries with it a wealth of health benefits, a big reason why it has become so widespread.

Yoga helps people release stress, stay calm, clear their minds and centre themselves. Yoga has also supported women tremendously, with special pre- and post-natal yoga classes, as well as helping in the areas of menstruation, fertility, menopause and hormonal balance.

Mohankumar Rajaraman, a yoga master at yoga chain True Yoga (www.trueyoga.com), teaches gentle yoga, hatha yoga, hot yoga, pranayama (breathing control and meditation, pre-natal yoga, the sun salutation series and yoga therapy.

Yoga for Golf
Golf paper, APRIL 2012

Hi longer drives, lower your scores, keep injury and most importantly, stay focused and positive with yoga exercises.

YOGA HAS BECOME a cross-training exercise of choice among many golfers because of its many benefits. Through the different physical poses known as "asanas" and breathing techniques coupled with deep meditation, it has been known to improve one's physical and mental game.

Stretch This Way
Motherhood, APRIL 2012

Being pregnant doesn't mean forgoing your favourite exercise routine. In fact, it is essential that you remain active throughout your pregnancy as this might make it easier for you when delivery comes around. But that's not all; it can even help improve your mood and your self-image as well.

If you're not too sure what's safe, low impact exercises are usually good options but remember not to overexert yourself. And of course, always check with your doctor before starting an exercise regime. Known for its wonderful benefits, more and more mums and mums-to-be are opting for yoga and pilates. Not only will it continue to strengthen your muscles as your body changes during pregnancy but it keeps you flexible as well. And who can ignore, the positive effects it has on your mind too.

The Bash Body-con
Shape Magazine, DECEMBER 2011

When it comes to donning a body-con dress, even the slightest belly buldge will show. So we've asked Mohankumar, yoga and pilates instructor at True Yoga, for the best moves to get you in shape for that slinky LBD.

The Truth About True Yoga
Inspired Magazine, JUNE 2011

As the foremost name in health and wellness, True Yoga maintains a distinct approach in promoting yoga towards a healthy lifestyle. It has significantly expanded through the years with more than 100,000 members, and is now considered the largest fitness group in Asia.

Class Acts - Desi Pop, Pragya Yoga & Yoga Tapas
Shape Magazine, JUNE 2011

Check out the newest and hottest workouts to hit town.
If you’re looking to supercharge your current fitness regime, try these new flab-busting classes from True Yoga (www.trueyoga.com.sg).

Firm Your Bust
Simply Her, APRIL 2011

Learn this yoga pose

Working out the pectoral muscles below your breasts can help make them appear firmer and shapier, says True Yoga. Kneel on the floor with knees slightly apart, keeping your body and thighs perpendicular to the floor. Bend backwards slowly and grasp your heels. Hold this pose for 30 seconds, keeping your hips and thighs straight, then exit the pose slowly.

Pre-natal Yoga
Motherhood, FEBRUARY 2011

Good news for mums-to-be. You can now stay in shape during pregnancy with True Yoga's pre-natal classes. Designed for women in their fourth to eighth month of pregnancy, True Yoga's pre-natal classes consist of special asanas that consist of side bends, stretching, poses such as the cat and bridge pose and breathing exercises, with no twisting movements. Besides providing you with natural relief from some of the common pregnancy discomforts, regular practice of yoga can also increase the flexibility of your body and strengthen your pelvic muscles, which is the core muscle used during delivery.

Beyond Your Limits
Men's Health, DECEMBER 2010

Yoga can improve your total-body strength, concentration and flexibility.

There’s a saying that you can fix any ailment with yoga. Actually, it’s not that far from the truth, according to Dr Vyankatesh Satyanarayan Reddy of Dr Venky’s Shivshakti Yoga Institute (drvenkysyoga.com), which provides training and certification for yoga instructors.

JetStar Asia Magazine, OCTOBER 2010

It’s not too late to join the yoga craze as yet another new form hits town.

Practised by everyone from loincloth-garbed ascetics to spandex-wearing professionals, yoga has come a long way. Along this journey it has morphed into various forms, of which hot yoga is one of the most popular. But now, there’s a new stretchy kid on the block – AcroYoga, which has recently found its way to Singapore.

Common Yoga Myths – Debunked!
Lifewise, SEPTEMBER 2010

The practice of yoga has gained popularity in Singapore, but there is still some confusion about what this ancient method of self-transformation really is. Lifewise separates fact from fiction.

Faster, Longer, Stronger, Better
Her World, AUGUST 2010

Practising on the golf course and driving range can improve your game, but so can alternative workout routines. Their moves will give you that needed edge. By SOH WEI

FOR A GOOD PUTT Try: Yoga The philosophy: Yoga poses, whether static or flowing (smoothly transiting from one pose to another), are designed to stretch and improve the flexibility of muscles and joints.

Yoga Beyond The Physical
My Paper, MAY 2010

WHILE a satsang might sound new-fangled, it is just a typical yoga session - almost.

The room is darkened, music might be playing softly and students are gathered round an instructor, but here is the difference: They are talking and in deep discussion, not quietly focused on their postures.

With encouraging attendance at sessions like the satsang, a discussion on all things yoga, and the kirtan, a musical meditation session, yoga practitioners here are moving beyond physical yoga practice.

Mind Over Matter
Business Times, MARCH 2010

Many golfers have credited the techniques learnt in yoga with better performance on the golf course. By Justine Moss

WHEN Mardan Mamat became the first Singaporean golfer to win a European Tour event at the OSIM Singapore Masters in 2006, he credited his study of yoga as a key factor in his victory, saying that his yoga breathing kept him calm. Others, such as Indian golfer Jyoti Randhawa have also credited the techniques learnt in this physical and mental discipline with better performance on the golf course. There are many benefits for golfers who practise yoga, according to Sukhdev Singh (otherwise known as Yogi), a yoga master at True Yoga in Singapore, who says it helps to focus the mind by giving better mental concentration. Yogi has worked with Mardan (2004 to 2009) as well as Asian and European Tour regular Randhawa, and from 2002 to 2005, he worked with more than 50 golfers on the Asian Tour.

The Power of Yoga
Today's Parent, FEBRUARY 2010

Wearing a fitted tee that shows off bulging muscles and a bandanna around his head, Sri Srinivas Suresh Kamal's physique resembles that of a fitness instructor rather than a traditional Indian yogi. He is entirely comfortable with his image as it opens doors that might otherwise remain closed to yoga. It also fits in with his intention to promote the ancient Indian form of exercise as a discipline that not only stretches the body hut also builds strength.

Master Kemal, as he is popularly known, was born in India and introduced to yoga school at the age of five by his doctor father who was interested in inculcating in him the art of living rather than just the need to produce excellent academic results. He went on to he initiated by his spiritual master Swami Veda Bharat and is well-schooled in various forms of yoga_ A fitness enthusiast, he has trained in gymnastics and karate as well.

Pick Up A New Exercise
Cleo Magazine, JANUARY 2010

True Yoga
What True Yoga offers is luxurious facilities on top of their classes. Besides steam rooms and showers, there’s also a members relaxation lounge and a juice bar for you to indulge in a truly calming experience. True Yoga also offers an extensive range of yoga styles so finding one that meets your needs will be effortless.

Move Of The Month
Singapore Women's Weekly, JANUARY 2009

Yoga can affect how your genes operate, reports a study in the online journal PLoS One. Researchers found that genes associated with the fight-or-flight response to stress reacted positively to yoga. Genes that help counter oxidative stress (which can cause cellular damage) were also turned on. So try this month’s yoga move.

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