Faster, Longer, Stronger, Better

Her World, AUGUST 2010

Practising on the golf course and driving range can improve your game, but so can alternative workout routines. Their moves will give you that needed edge. By SOH WEI

FOR A GOOD PUTT Try: Yoga The philosophy: Yoga poses, whether static or flowing (smoothly transiting from one pose to another), are designed to stretch and improve the flexibility of muscles and joints.

How it benefits golfers: Most people miss their putts because they line their bodies up inaccurately. Blame it on a rigid pelvis, which doesn't turn with your torso during the swing. This causes your centre line to waiver and your ball to veer off-course. This is where yoga can help. "Holding a stretch for 30 seconds or longer is three to four times more effective than repeat stretches," says Sukhdev Singh, a yoga master at True Yoga and guru to top local golfers such as Mardan Mamat. "Stretching loosens tight muscle fibres, making them long and lean, which in turn improves your range of movement.",, True account: "I didn't realise the -importance of flexibility in golf until I started practising yoga a few months ago. Now when I'm at the driving range, I find that I can maximise my movement better." — Koh Pei Yin, 25, graphic designer Where: True Yoga, Level 4, Pacific Plaza, tel: 6733-9555; Levels 26 and 27, Ocean Towers, tel: 6536-3390.

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