Yoga for Women

Yoga for Women
Natura Magazine, APRIL 2012


The physical aspect of yoga alone already carries with it a wealth of health benefits, a big reason why it has become so widespread.

Yoga helps people release stress, stay calm, clear their minds and centre themselves. Yoga has also supported women tremendously, with special pre- and post-natal yoga classes, as well as helping in the areas of menstruation, fertility, menopause and hormonal balance.

Mohankumar Rajaraman, a yoga master at yoga chain True Yoga (www.trueyoga.com), teaches gentle yoga, hatha yoga, hot yoga, pranayama (breathing control and meditation, pre-natal yoga, the sun salutation series and yoga therapy.

“Yoga can help women cope with health issues at each stage of their lives,” he affirms. "It improves body and mind, alleviates pain that comes with menstruation, manages stress and, if they are expecting a baby, ensures an easier pregnancy and delivery. Yoga poses also tone and firm the body, eliminate excess fat, and increase flexibility and strength." Continues Mohankurnar,

“Practicing yoga is a great way to prevent and reduce menstrual cramps. The postures and breathing exercises help to calm the mind, relax the body, stretch the cramped muscles and boost your mood. If you combine yoga with a healthy diet and adequate sleep, the body gets the energy required to cope with the symptoms of PMS.

” For expectant mothers, Mohankumar reveals that pre-natal yoga improves general flexibility and strengthens the pelvic muscles. It also improves blood circulation, and stimulates the organs and glands. “Poses in our pre-natal classes have been modified so that there are no deep twists or forward bends," he assures. “Props, such as chairs, cushions and straps, help the mother-to-be as well. Classes are kept small so that the mothers get the necessary attention.”

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