Class Types & Descriptions

Asana & Pranayama

"Asana" means posture and "pranayama" means breathing techniques in Sanskrit. For this class, various asanas and pranayamas of yoga are practiced, which will help to detoxify, de-stress and boost one’s energy for good health and vitality. Suitable for beginners. 

Ashtanga Yoga

A unique system of yoga that emphasizes proper diet, effective asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), mudras & bandhas (gestures & locks), dharana (concentration) & dhyana (meditation) to detox, destress and increase your vitality. Prior experience in Hatha Yoga (Beginners) is encouraged to fully benefit from this class.

Classics is a series of classes (Classic 1, 2 & 3), conceptualized with the objective to bring about a healthier body, a positive state of mind and overall well being. However, it is important to understand that realistic goals have to be set to make your journey a fruitful one. Listen to your body, feel with your heart, your practice is NOT about grasping more, its not about compeititon, it's about you, and how you relate to your 'mental posture' as you express yourself through body wisdom.


Beginners' Yoga

Beginners’ Yoga is an ideal class for those who have never done yoga before. It is a good introduction to Yoga, using basic and gentle stretches that work every part of the body. Stretching and toning the muscles joint. Suitable for beginners.


Gentle Yoga

This style of yoga is suitable for beginners. 

It is far less strenuous than other forms of hatha yoga. It is beneficial to you who are already quite fit but lack the overall flexibility to be able to do more intense yoga poses. Gentle yoga accomplishes its goals of providing a workout without putting any unnecessary strain on you.


Power Yoga

Power Yoga consists of a dynamic flow of asanas (postures) combined with powerful breathing exercises that works the body, breathing and mind. Through this cardiovascular and yoga workout, calories are burnt. In addition, it builds strength and endurance, resulting to a slimmer, stronger, toner and flexible body. Prior experience in Hatha Yoga (Beginners) is encouraged to fully benefit from this class.

Solar Flow Yoga

A dynamic, revitalising and strengthening practice with the invigorating energy of the sun. Likened to a dynamic dance, postures or asanas are connected through the breath for a transformative and balancing effect. This class activates "tapas" ~ transformational heat in the body, burning away that which obscures being. Suitable for all levels.

Sun Salutation Series

A great way to start the day. 1 to 5 series (Beginners to Advance). You will be less tired, lazy or sleepy during work. The Sun Salutation can be enjoyed by all ages. This improves the elasticity of the skin.


Yoga Basic

This is a beginner class suitable for those who have no prior yoga experience. 

This class takes you through all the fundamentals of a yoga practice. Learn how to move freely into yoga poses with the basics yoga 101 - from standing, to sitting, to lying down - this class explains all the basic movements of the body in yoga postures. Simple breathing and relaxation techiques are also introduced.


Bollywood Dance

A vibrant and entertaining dance that gives a whole body workout! While dancing to the infectious beat of Bollywood music, all parts of your body are exercised, from your hands, to your feet, to your hips, right down to your facial expressions. Come and join the rhythm of joy for an introduction to the blissful nature of Indian Bollywood Dance. Suitable for beginners

Pilates Matwork

Pilates teaches balance and control of the body. It improves one's posture and balance. It also helps to increase one's strength and flexibility, particularly of the abdomen and back muscles. Suitable for beginners.


Hatha (B) & Core

This class is suitable for all levels. This lesson concentrate more on balancing poses combined with core training targeting abdomen. This will help those who has constipations and help to improve their digestive system. At the same time, this lesson help to build your core strength.


Hatha (B) & Back Bend

This class comprises Traditional Hatha poses for beginners, followed by basic back bending poses using blocks and wall practice to open up the chest and shoulders. Backbends stimulate the central nervous system, boost immune system, realign and increase mobility in the spinal column.


Hot & Hip Therapy

This class is suitable for all levels. This lesson has 45 mins of traditional Hatha (B) poses under 37 degree, which is useful for burning calories followed by hip therapy poses, which improves mobility & flexibility around hip joints. This class will help those who have hip stiffness and/or hip injuries.             


Hot & Shoulder Therapy

This class comprises Traditional Hatha poses for beginners done in a heated studio at 37 degree Celsius to get those calories burning, followed by shoulder stretches to improve mobility and flexibility around shoulder joints.  Recommended for those who have shoulder stiffness and/or shoulder injuries.


Hot Sculpting

A traditional Hatha Yoga with specific posture aim to tone the upper and lower limbs with the aid of a Yoga block. This unique class combines element from Pilates and High Intensity Training (HIIT) letting you burn out all the fats and cellulite that is sure to raise your metabolic rate to a new prime. The class experience is further enhanced by the 37 degrees heated room leaving you completely fired up and continue to burn even for the next 24 hours!


Intro to Hatha Vinyasa

A slower paced class than the regualr Hatha Vinyasa classes, this class incorporates modified yoga poses, linked with movement, breath and rest poses in between. Suitable for those who have some yoga experience, and who would like to build their stamina, strength and endurance. 


Moon FLow

A class where you can get "chi" moving in a mild flow sequence with the interval of restorative poses to help restore tired muscles, decreasing the risk of strain and injury and balance the energy in the body. Ideal for any ages and physical ability.


Parent-Child Yoga

A 60 mins fun and interesting yoga sessions weekly for both the parent and child. Benefits include increased focus, stronger immunity, better posture, refined balance and concentration as well as forge a close and trusted relationship with the child.


Restorative Yoga

A gentle, relaxing, passive form of yoga that allows students to relax and release the body into a gentle stretch that is held for as long as 10 minutes. This style makes use of a wide range of props, including bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets. The intention is to provide support within each pose, making it easier to completely let go.


Static Hot

A new concept that help to improve your balance, coordination and reflexes. Its also helps to stimulates your nervous system which controls the muscular, digestive, immune, respiratory & cardiovascular system. Great for those with back pain, knee pain, neck pain and headaches. Another great way to improve your body's overall functions and strengthen your body's ability to deal with everyday stressor.


Yin & Myofascial Release

A healing technique that releases tension in the myofascia tissue. We will use tennis balls to apply a gentle sustained pressure on muscle knots, or trigger points, in various muscle groups, along with the Yin Yoga principles of time and relaxation. This safe and effective therapy can help with increased joint mobility and provide relief from muscular pain.

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