Class Types & Descriptions

Belly Dance

The oldest form of dance having roots in all ancient cultures from the Orient to India to the Middle East . Our Belly Dance, is an updated form of the original Belly Dance, which incorporates more calculated and sensuous body coordination. It often focuses upon isolating different parts of the body, moving them independently in sensuous patterns. The class is perfect for any age group or interest level, using all of the body's muscle groups and enhancing the dancer's flexibility, isolation, confidence, creativity and sense of rhythm. Suitable for beginners

Bollywood Dance

A vibrant and entertaining dance that gives a whole body workout! While dancing to the infectious beat of Bollywood music, all parts of your body are exercised, from your hands, to your feet, to your hips, right down to your facial expressions. Come and join the rhythm of joy for an introduction to the blissful nature of Indian Bollywood Dance. Suitable for beginners

Desi Pop

In a blend of cultures, our Desi Pop class provides a whole body workout while combining the sensuous and graceful movements of Indian dance with the adrenaline of modern hip hop. Suitable for beginners.


Fusion Dance

A powerful combination of cardio vascular exercises with a fusion of East & West dance movements, while dancing to the beat of modern Indian music. This fun filled workout comes in Series 1, 2 and 3. Suitable for all levels.
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